Fire Stone – Mini


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The Fire Stone – Mini is uniquely designed to be a fully re-useable Fire Lighter. It will last forever!

Therefore, it is the ideal gadget for any fire and you will never have to buy Fire Lighters again. It will cost you less than 30 cents to start a fire. Use it for camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, caravanning, fireplaces, gifts and loads more. The mini bottle has one stone, 70ml Paraffin and will make 3 fires before the bottle needs to be refilled. The firestone will burn for 4 minutes.


  • Remove the ”Fire Stones” from the container with the cable
  • Place the stones in the fire area and lit the stones
  • Add the charcoal, wood, coal, etc
  • When the fire is ready to braai, remove the stone with the tongs and place it on a surface to cool
  • Let it cool down and place it back in the container
  • Ready to re-use after 5 minutes
  • Once the bottle is empty, refill it with Paraffin

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