CPLA Knife, Fork, Spoon & Serviette in Compostable Bag




The CPLA Knife, Fork and Spoon is made from renewable plant material. The plant material is certified GMO-free corn starch. Therefore, it is strong and sturdy. This also ensures that the cutlery is biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly. They are heat resistant making it perfect for hot or cold food. In conclusion, the cutlery is non-toxic. The serviette made from a recycled, plant-based raw material called bagasse. The bagasse is sugarcane waste fibers. In other words, the serviette is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable with food scraps. The bleaching process for the serviette is an eco-friendly elemental chlorine-free process.

Use the cutlery packet and compost them afterward for an eco-friendly solution. This is local, so making it South African friendly. Therefore, it definitely reduces your companies carbon footprint. Therefore, this ensures your company is making use of biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly products. These changes will be great.

* Buy the CPLA Knife, Fork, Spoon, and Serviette placed in a compostable bag for easy carry, as well as grab and go.

** Brand the compostable bag with your companies logo if required to advertise your company.


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