Bento-Bar Soap – 125g



The Bento-Bar Soap – 125g will have your skin glowing from the first use. In other words, the ingredients will have a lasting effect.

The ingredients are:

The Bento-Bar Soap – 125g is a cold Pressed Natural Soap. In other words, it means no cooking, melting or harsh conventional processes are used. Therefore, soap is fragrance, parabens, alcohol, and preservative-free. Above all, it will keep your skin healthy.

For instance, the benefits of the soap are:

  •  Alkalizes the skin
  • Gently Removes Toxins
  • Reduces acne & blemishes
  • Treats Eczema, dermatitis & Psoriasis
  • Good for Sensitive Skin
  • Glowing Skin
  • Baby Smooth Skin
  • Softens & Conditions Hair
  • Detoxified scalp & promotes healthier growth
  • Suitable for All Hair Types, Every Ethnicity
  • Relieves & Balances Irritable, Dry or Oily Scalp
  • For Men, Women, Teens, and Youngsters

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