1000ml Two Compartment Sugarcane Takeaway Box




The biodegradable Two Compartment clamshell takeaway box is made from bagasse – a recycled raw plant-based material which is completely natural and renewable. This makes the takeaway box compostable and it will degrade within as little as 1 month.

It has a natural cream color and a paper-like texture to the touch. The takeaway box is heat, water, and oil resistant. This makes it perfect for hot, cold, wet or dry food. Also is it microwave safe and freezer friendly.

The packaging is breathable, meaning that the food does not sweat because of the natural raw materials and the food remains crisp & fresh for longer.

The dimensions is 243mm (l) x 162mm (w) x 75mm (h) two-compartment clamshell.

Additional information

Dimensions 243 × 162 × 75 mm

Carton, Pack