Here at Earthlove SA, we have gone out of our way to get the best in packaging which is eco-friendly, biodegradable, compostable and self-sustainable. The partners we use are the best in the industry and we are helping them make a difference in the world, as well as reducing you or your companies carbon footprint. The products are all Proudly South African, reducing the carbon footprint even more.






All these ingredients used to make the products are retrieved through sustainable resources. Meaning that these products will be made through the ages but degrade as quickly as one, two, three…

The food packaging is named green waste and can be compostable together with the other food waste, breaking the products down to its natural components being water, carbon dioxide and the plant matter. The paper straws are also part of the food packaging. The added biodegradable products to the compost heap can add extra feed and give support to your plants, enhancing your garden.

The glass, stainless steel, reed and copper straws can be re-used. Making them sustainable. When using these straws it ensures that it does not reach our oceans, where plastic straws are choking our oceans. The reed straws can be used up to twenty times. All the other straws can be used numerous times. Making it a cost-effective choice. Saving you money on purchasing straws and keeping plastic straws out of landfills.

The copper straws are beautiful and will last a lifetime. They will start to oxidize meaning that it will start loosing it’s bright and wonderful rose gold color, just clean it. Make use of lemon juice, add salt, create a paste, rub it onto the copper straw with a soft cloth and then rinse off with warm water. Polish it to make it shine. Buy a straw kit, making it convenient to take your straw kit on your adventures with you – place it in your handbag, pocket or keep it in your car. Use it when required, that way ensuring that you do not have to make use of the plastic straws. Also, make it well know that you are saying no to making use of plastic straws.