About Us

My vision for this business started in 2017 when I saw the impact that we, as the consumers, have on our planet. It is our obligation to do all we can to foresee healthy and sustained earth for future generations. We, as the consumer, must make changes now and teach this to our children.

The Problem

The once-off used products, like plastics, packaging and transport products used daily is one of the biggest concerns. These products are not disposed of properly, which is causing a huge impact on the environment and our earth. The once-off products, packaging, and polystyrene take extremely long to degrade, not even speaking of the harmful chemicals in the composition of those products.

But before the degrading process can start, the once-off plastics, packaging, and polystyrene move all the way to the ocean. Once these products reach the ocean, it causes devastation for marine life, beaches and has an impact on global warming.  This is when you realize that change needs to happen. Click here for more photos.

Plastic Pollution in Ghana
Plastic Pollution in Ghana

The Solution – YOU

We, as the consumer, must say enough is enough by making a choice to become more aware of the once-off products, packaging, and polystyrene we use daily. By making even a small change, you will make a difference and have an impact in the long run. When you telling your family and friends about your decision, you are making a huge difference, if they decide to join the cause.

The Industry

For every conscious consumer shopping, the industry will be forced to re-evaluate the choices made for the once-off used products, like plastics, packaging and transport products they use.

the packaging of the industry will have to start taking a look at why their products are not being sold as effectively as before and they will be forced to make changes to their packaging. Making it a win towards mother-nature and you were a big part of the change.

Earthlove SA has lots more to offer and will be working hard to bring you more products. The future is bright and we will be adding on new products. Watch this space…